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The Red Flag

That red flag has caused division within the government, families, co-workers, and society as a whole. I can’t remember a time when people decided to become blatantly racist and disrespectful towards others. But I am sure this is nothing short but deja vu for my parents and great-grandparents. I can’t fathom how white people in the United States of America feel that this land was their land. I don’t understand how anyone who celebrates the confederate flag justifies what it truly represents. Do you think that Robert E. Lee and the rest of the Civil War participants were true heroes (that surrendered) or heroes that wanted to institutionalize slavery? Do you think it was okay to take free Blacks, beat them, and sell them into slavery? Do you agree with how the flag is used by white supremacist currently and throughout history? Do you agree with how the confederate flag has been used by a white racist that waves that flag so proudly as their symbol of “white pride”? If you believe this, then you are delusional as your former president. 

If it is about the southern heritage, you will have to consider all of what your southern heritage stood for. Many who fought in the Civil War were racist bigots who agreed with slavery. Many who fought in that same war behaved in the same southern way as their ancestors (prejudice against blacks). When Trump hosted the MAGA rallies, it focused on getting rid of “all the people that don’t belong here.” It was about dividing races and offering racists free passes to show themselves.

White people began to get so comfortable illustrating what they always felt. Look at how they rallied in Charlottesville and at Washington, DC’s capitol building. Your culture and ancestry are continuing the fight to keep the division and hate prevalent. I cringe at the thought of the racist employees and employers I have and currently work with that do not see how demonic their energy is. My mom lives in an area where she is the only black person living in that neighborhood. I hate going to visit her because I have to ride by at least two homes that proudly fly the confederate flag. It tickles me that the flags that would greet me at the entrance, no longer are being flown proudly now that we have a new President. It pissed me off when the same people taking up for Trump fell silent when their people raided the capitol buildings waving that flag around as if they just defeated the north hahaha!!!! Yes, racist white people were there for the sole purpose of following their “leader” who divided the country with his slogan, “Make America Great Again.” That was the beginning of the open racism season. The red flag began to proudly wave for five long years with division and blatant hatred towards black people!!!! The “Karen” era truly began once Trump rallied for racism.

As a black woman, the confederate flag represents death, oppression, sadness, and hate. There is nothing heroic about it. It doesn’t celebrate anything great about southern heritage unless you consider slavery as a great day in the south. It doesn’t represent anything to me because this land didn’t belong to you either. If stealing land or a country from someone that did absolutely nothing to you and then killing them after they open their homeland for you to be safe and comfortable calls you a hero, then that is sick. If using black people to fight your wars, build your homes, nurse your children, cook your food, create your roads, and tend to your farms while you sit back and watch makes you a hero, then that is sick-minded. If killing, raping, and beating black people just for fun is the heritage that you celebrate, then you are a sick individual. If you agree with how black people are being killed unjustifiably by police who learned your false heritage history, then you continue to wave your red flag.

The next time you feel entitled to say to someone you think doesn’t belong in this country, “go back to where you came from,” or “you don’t belong in this country,” remember the ship your ancestors’ road. You don’t belong in this country either. If you need a refresher course, the president you so idolized has a wife from another country. The heritage that you should celebrate is the heritage of your origin land. The next time you feel the need to represent that red flag so proudly, remember where you came from. We all didn’t originate from this great, “Land of the Free.” It was stolen.

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