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I remember around five years ago, I had a dream that changed everything. I began going into various phases in life that caused me to revamp my thought process. I began to tap into my skills and take a chance at using them all at once. I always wanted to write poetry or a book, so I begin blogging on the whim. It started out on Facebook. Then I upgraded to this platform because I wanted to see if I could actually publish my writing for people to see. I was so scared to go big; I decided to mix my writing style and social media together. What’s the chance of me actually following through with it?TaDa!!!!! I reached over 12,000 hits!! Someone actually read MY work!!! And I will not edit this blog for grammar, misuse of words, or punctuation. haha!! (of course I came back the next day to make corrections haha!!).

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Then I wanted to tap into my artsy side. I always drew my ass off (well, not that good; I’m okay). I wanted to be a fashion designer. I wanted to be an event planner. I wanted to be in the entertainment world without being in the limelight. I had to figure out how to mesh them together. I started having “parties”, “cookouts”, “get-togethers” and, now, “paint and sips”. Would you look at that? What’s the chance of me actually starting a business doing something like that?

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I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors since I was a child. Anything dealing with nature, gardening, and plants was my personal joy. I wanted to grow things on my own because my dad did it. I also wanted to make money doing it when I was younger. The cartoons and the weird shows I watched always had farming and bartering in it. I told myself as a child, “One day I will grow up and be that person“. Ask me what I’m growing in my garden right now as an adult? What are the chances of me taking the time to learn how to properly grow fruits, plants, and vegetables?

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In the Birdsong family, we always enjoy family and festivities. We don’t mind having various kinds of cocktails and alcohol! It sounds fucked up, but it’s not!!! We not only drink it, but our asses made it too!! From corn liquor, brandy, whisky, and wine, we threw down in that department. Don’t ask us how to cook with it either!! The Birdsongs could whip up something nice!! I remember being that curious tomboy looking in the shed wondering, “how do you make that? I want to taste it. I’m going to make my own one day“. What are the chances of me actually investing my time and money into something I believe is bigger than I could imagine?

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I say all of this to point out, you must be driven and believe in YOURSELF!!! You cannot listen to your negative thoughts. You must be able to take criticism and listen to your gut. I remember when I first started making wine. I had some good and God-awful flavors!! I had to learn along the way that just because you don’t get it right the first couple of times; it does not mean you stop trying. You have to continue the DRIVE.

Even if you fail; it doesn’t always mean you loss. You conquered the end result; you beat YOUR ODDS. Things will come your way that wasn’t expected. You will work longer hours towards achieving a goal without feeling as if it’s a job. That rewarding feeling of accomplishment is just as rewarding as winning.

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