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50 Shades of Black

It is amazing how much shade you get just for being a black or brown skin adult. I mean who are we to complain when the United States granted us the shortest month to celebrate Black History. Come on now, why must we always have something to say? Why are we trying to prove to those that refuse to acknowledge the unfairness and disrespect we constantly receive from other races ? Yes, not all white people think or feel the same as their counterparts, but keeping quiet and ignoring the obvious is just the same.  And let me just vent a little more. Why are we actually categorized as Black?  We come in a variety of shades that so many try to emulate, but yet we have so much against us in this world. We were okay to feed your babies with our breast milk, but not good enough to share the same water fountain. I’m surprise the suicide rates in the brown community hasn’t spiked because of the stress we live with everyday concerning racism.  It’s a shame that so many people believe that the law will protect us when it is clear that no one really cares about us. We are the only people on Earth that gets blamed for being murdered.

don't shoot

Don’t get quiet now. Racism exists and the only thing positive that came out of the Trump election is actually seeing the real racist feeling confident and strong in their belief.  It is so deeply ingrained into our entire institution that many refuse to see it for what it really is. We couldn’t even have an “All Black Lives Matter Movement” without someone other than our race respond with, “All Lives Matter”.  But it doesn’t when it deals with us.  Other races do not have to teach their young sons and daughters how to behave when the police stops you.  We have to tell our brown boys that you will be judged by wearing your natural hair.  You can’t wear a hoodie anymore because you look like a “thug”.  Let’s speak on some of the issues that we are constantly dealing with in this great ol’ land of the free, the United States of America.

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  1. No other race has to deal with being feared just for buying Skittles and wearing a hoodie or even walking to the store without being profiled as a danger to society (Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown).

  2. No other race has to tell their child you can’t wear your hoodie out because you will be profiled and may be killed or shot.

  3. No other race can go out for a night on the town with his boys or enjoy his bachelor party and brush his hair without being profiled and killed (Oscar Grant, Jordan Edwards, Claude Reese, and Sean Bell).

  4. No other race had to fight to get a law that would protect them from hair discrimination because the previous laws were still in effect (Brittany Noble, CROWN Act,  and Cory Booker).

black power
  1. No other race is criticized for wearing their natural hair or locs because it isn’t “professional” or “unnatural”. We are the only race that will have a referee cut our hair or suspend us from school because of our hair and culture (Andrew Johnson, Deandre Arnold, Deanna Scot, Mya Scot, Vanessa Vandyke, and Tayjha Deleveaux).

  2. No other race can be killed in their home while minding their own business by “the law” or their “white neighbor” and NOT get convictions for the unjustified murder (Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson,  Aiyana Jones, and Botham Jean).

  3. No other race has to fear asking for help from another race without being shot or assumed a danger because of how we look (Renisha McBride, Brennan Walker, Randy Evans, and Jonathan Ferrell).

  4. No other race has to worry about dying if they are pulled over for a simple traffic stop or needing assistance because their car has broken down (Corey Jones, Keith Scott, Philando Castile, Amadou Diallo, and Sandra Bland).

  5. No other race is considered a danger to society when they decide to form groups that focuses on injustice and protecting their race  (Black Panthers vs. White Supremacist)

black panther
  1. No other race can legally and safely bear arms without fearing for their life or even reach for a wallet or cellphone (Philando Castile and Stephon Clark).

  2. No other race can walk into a church and kill innocent people and make it out alive and enjoy a nice meal before going to jail (Charleston 9).

  3. No other race serves more time in prison or jail for the same crime as other races.

  4. We could never focus on killing off other races without the FBI considering it a danger to society. In fact, we can never think about going into the governor’s office with guns, let alone, demand the state open up the economy without being shot and killed. (White Supremacy and Gun Activist)

Michigan man in infamous Capitol rally photo calls protest 'awesome'
  1. No other race was denied empathy and government assistance for a drug epidemic that affects them in a large proportion (War on Drugs vs. Opioid Crisis).

  2. No other race has to deal with getting the police called on them for waiting on a friend at Starbucks or at an apartment complex (Rashon Nelson, Donte Robinson, Wesly Michel).

  3. No other race has to deal with being blocked from entering into their own home because he/she doesn’t look like he belongs in the neighborhood (D’Arreion Toles).

  4. No other race has to deal with “Association Andy” holding you hostage or “Nervous Nancy” while you are trying to make a delivery because “we look suspicious” (Travis Miller and Nedrick Peters II).

  5. No other race has to deal with the possibility that a police officer can just walk up on you without giving you a reason to put your hands behind your back (Clarence Evans).

  6. No other race has to deal with banks or merchants giving them a hard time cashing a check because they look suspicious (Yvonne Smallwood, Sauntore Thomas, and Paul McCowns).

  7. No other race has to deal with the chance the police will be called on you because you are playing golf, shopping, enjoying a day at the park, walking around your neighborhood, barbecuing, selling cigarettes, selling hot dogs, staying in an Airbnb, cutting grass, selling water, reading a book, shopping, or running a business (DonishaPrendergast, Jaequan Faulkner, Reggie Fields, Alison Ettel, Camilla Hudson, John Crawford, Clifford Glover, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Amaud Arbery, Jordan Davis, Alton Sterling, and Eric Garner).

  8. No other race has to deal with the police being called on you for falling asleep on a couch at a predominantly white university because there is no way you actually belong there. Not only actually PROVE you are a student by getting a plethora of documentation (Lolade Siyonbola).

  9. No other race has to fear sitting in their own cars without being a threat (Keith Scott).

  10. No other race has been emulated more than the black culture, but yet humiliated at the same damn time.

  11. We are the only race that has been programmed into believing that forgiveness, prayer, and God plays a role in making everything go away when it deals with racism and injustice against us.

How is it possible for a racist, slave master, white supremacist, bigot, “neighborhood watcher“, a person who justifies harming, killing, or even believe black brothers and sisters are suspicious or dangerous to even worship the same God we do? How can God be okay with someone calling themselves Christians and God-fearing when they are beating, killing, hanging, and fearing us? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Our ancestors prayed for better days. Have prayers worked for us? When do you think it ever will? I mean we are all reading the same book they are right?

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