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Always Count Your Blessings Instead of Your Misfortunes…


I am by far not a religious person, but I do believe in God.  We all have a higher power.  Think about it… Who created everything that exists?  We all must follow the unspoken morals and ethics of the world. With that being said, I also believe that you bring in what you put out into your space.  For example, if you continuously complain and view everything as a negative; you get negative results.  Why complain about things you may not be able to change? Better yet, why complain about things you CAN change?  If you are put in a predicament where it could have been much worse, but you were suddenly blessed with things that make your life stable and comfortable; why not humble yourself?


Too many times we take for granted the opportunity for better things or what we actually have at the moment; that we don’t appreciate the gifts that are right in front of us. You have to step back and look at all the positive blessings bestowed upon you.  I remember when I was younger I would constantly complain about my daughter’s dad not being in her life and not doing right by her.  The negative energy was so overwhelming, that I continued this for years.  It was not until she was at the age of 4, I realized that (1) I chose him so that’s on me, and (2) I am blessed with a beautiful daughter out of the deal.  I further looked at the situation a little deeper as I began to mature and said to myself, “Tonya, you would not be where you are today without having your daughter”.  I realized that if I didn’t have my daughter in my twenties; I would have continued to be the young lady who only viewed life as having somewhere to live and money to burn on excitement. I would not have had the balls to go out and find a stable place to live, complete college, and a career that would support my daughter and me.  Hell, I have become so accustomed now that if I have a bad relationship; I will not put all the blame on him because “I picked him” haha!!! Suck it up as a lost, and keep it moving.

Stop walking around with a “black” cloud around you all the time. When you continue to sit in your sorrows and misfortunes; you create energy that people who are trying to grow do not want to be around.  They don’t want to constantly deal with your negative energy.  If you cannot accept the compliments, uplifting messages, advice, blessings, and gifts others have given you; then you will eventually reap what you plant into existence.  You cannot continue to be blessed and unhappy at the same time.  You will have to choose eventually.


Imagine being a homeless lottery winner who was down on luck and you finally won the lottery.  Because you didn’t appreciate the blessing or realize what a gift it was to actually be a winner; you go out and spend all of your winnings on frivolous things that you always wanted because you felt you deserved or needed it.  You spend and spend until one day you realized there is nothing really leftover from your winnings.  You had planned on purchasing a home and a car so you can get stable residency, but you got so caught up in the fact you won the lottery you so much deserved that you have to make a choice. Now you aren’t exactly homeless any longer but you are in a new-found situation that limits you to choosing between an apartment or a car now (and by the way; you haven’t even scratched the surface to find employment).  You never sat back and viewed the gift of the winnings as a blessing.  Instead, you viewed it as what you deserved or earned.  With the same mindset and habits; you forgot about the true reason for your blessing. Within time; it all went away and you are back to square one.

If you continue to allow negative things, situations, and energy surround you; then you continue to block your blessings

If you continuously speak or think negatively; then you will continue to block your blessings

If you continue to surround yourself with people who bring the negative energy; you will continue to block your blessings.

If you do not correct the error in your negative ways; you will continue to block your blessings.

You see if you don’t take the time to appreciate the gift of humility, blessings, and positivity; you will never know the difference between things that are for you and things that are you. Let me explain.  I complained about my misfortunes so much that it became ME!!! I didn’t think I needed to change because it was everyone else fault as to why I felt the way I felt.  I was the cause of the negative energy that surrounded me because I chose to sit in negative space. I became bitter and negative because I was surrounded by it.  My thoughts were negative.  My attitude was negative.  My situation did not change until I CHANGED!!! I had to let go of all the negative energy and people and become a kinder and empathetic person.  I could no longer accept bitterness in my heart, but humbly accept the blessings that were in my corner.  I had to take my misfortunes and turn them into positive lessons; which in turn created another blessing.  Until you catch the punchline, you will always be on the road to having misfortunes instead of an abundance of blessings.

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