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My Secret Garden

When I decide to become intimate with you; I give you all of me.  I ain’t talking about a one-night stand or a quickie in the backroom.  That isn’t intimacy to me (unless you’re my main man and you need one for the day hahaha!!).  Being intimate with me comes with kisses, conversations, and walking around naked without caring how my appearance is when I am around you.  Truth be told, I don’t kiss just anyone.  If you don’t get any kisses from me; then you mean absolutely nothing to me.  I will avoid kissing you simply because I don’t want to catch strong feelings or I just don’t like you like that.  Being able to wake up next to you with morning breath and breakfast prepared is intimacy to me.  Just to be able to just chill in your t-shirt an entire day doing absolutely nothing but conversing, laughing, or sleeping is just fine with me. The way you hold me lets me know that you are feeling me.  My spirit aligns with yours. You are the one that gets my kisses. These are the secrets to my garden.

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I love when we are out on a date or just riding around and you hold my hand.  When you insist on looking at me because you think I am so naturally beautiful. The way you grab my feet and caress and kiss them without me even asking lets me know that you love touching me. You make me feel so beautiful just by admiring the softness of my skin.  I can’t keep my hands off of you either because you turn me on mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When I see you peeking over at me while I sit there makes me just want to jump your bones.  The way you hold me to reassure me that I am safe with you takes away my doubt. You don’t even know that I watch you when you fall asleep and turn you over when you start to snore.  You got me feenin’ for you. You smell so good!! You are my equal, and I can see you being my forever. These are the secrets I have in my mind when I am with you.

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Watching you as a professional handling your business by day intrigues me because at night you change into my comfort zone. You are my personal chameleon.  You are a distinguished man who I ain’t used to in my lifetime. You look nice in your suits and sweats. You know when to be strong and assertive and when to love me with emotion and truth.  Your walk turns me on. Your smile is mesmerizing and that little belly you have is so adorable. The faces you make when we make love takes me to a whole new level. You allow me to be who I am and love everything about me from my toenails to my crown.  And I find you o so handsome.  You laugh at my jokes and love my crazy sounding laugh. You allow me to be me and vice versa. Our relationship is peaceful but yet enjoyable when we are together.

Disagreements are handled with communication and understanding. You don’t lie to me about anything or keep secrets because you know the consequences of doing this will lose me forever. You make sure you keep in contact with me on a regular basis because you understand that time is a requirement and hearing your voice is important to me. You make time for me because you want to; not because you are forced to. You don’t make promises you can’t keep. You understand your word is bond.  You love my girlfriends and think they are an equivalent of me all wrapped up into one. You don’t mind my personality and free-spirit. And let’s not talk about my kids.  You embrace everything about them. From their weird sense of humor to their clinginess to their mom. You know that if I am good; you’re good. And I definitely do not mind catering to you. These are the secrets to my garden.

You fill in the opposite of me; you balance me.  You are the subtle side of me. You make sure I keep a level head and vice versa. You allow me to be a woman without being independent. I love that about you because that is the man you were raised to be (I want to thank your mother for that).  I break my walls down when I am with you. You don’t mind being there thru it all with me, because you are what I was afraid of all along. You are such a gentleman when you walk on the side that may cause me danger. How you slide the chair out and open the door when I’m with you turns me on.  It’s so natural when we are together.  You are my new best friend. The love you have for your mother justifies who you are as a man.  Did I say I love that about you? Your strengths and weaknesses that you illustrate even when we together show me that you are not afraid to be all of you.  The secrets we share reassured me that you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with me.  I submit to you because you are my peace. I watch you take charge like the man who you truly are.  These are the secrets I keep in my garden.

But until you come along ready and willing to be my life partner; I will continue to guard my garden with my life.

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