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A Way to a Man’s Heart

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As women, we don’t realize how important we are to a man’s ability to make it through this cold world.  Men are told to be strong and not exhibit any weakness. But did anyone ever tell them that trying to hold all their stresses and worries leads to unrest, depression, headaches, and anxiety?  Think about how the world is towards our black man?  No matter how he tries to conquer the daily battles that are against him; roadblocks will be formed against him.  No matter what he has done; he will always have to work ten times harder than the next man. That’s when we come in.

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As a man matures and gets older, he no longer finds the loud mouth female attractive.  He doesn’t want that woman fighting over him or in the “Gotcha” paper.  Instead, he wants a secure woman who nurtures him.  That’s right.  Someone who caters to him mentally, emotionally, and physically.  He doesn’t want to come home to arguing and mess all the time.  It’s bad enough he is criticized by the world. He doesn’t need his woman to beat him down more when he gets home. He wants us to be his peace.  A man wants to be able to trust that you will have his back and hold down the home front.  Mature black men understand that it is necessary to be vulnerable to his woman. She will cater to his personal needs when necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be disagreements and disappointments in any relationship.  It is all in how you work it out.  Believe it or not, a man wants to be able to illustrate his emotions and fears with his woman without being judged. When he is able to release some of his stress in an effective way; he is able to conquer the world.  That’s when a woman’s touch is important.  Yes, literally, her touch. Because we are nurturers by nature, a man appreciates our subtle touch and voice of reason.  We encourage our men and strengthen them in our own way.  We are the sun and moon to our man.  We bring the best out of our man.  We encourage our men. We teach our men.  We are his biggest cheerleader even when there is no other.  We also tell him the truth when he doesn’t want to face reality because we want him to push through it and move on.  We are the ones who keep him from falling.

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But don’t forget us, men.  Don’t take us for granted.  We are nurturers by nature but we also appreciate it reciprocated as well.  It is very stressful for us to hold you down because we are in this together.  We will try to drink from an empty cup sometimes.  When we are happy; you will be happy as well.  We need reassurance that our nurturing spirit isn’t taken for granted.  We need a boost as well to keep our sanity!!!! You all heard the say, “A happy wife makes a happy life” hahaha!!! It’s true!! It takes both to build the foundation needed to succeed in this cold world.  With all the hate illustrated at an all-time high, it is mandatory that we do better with uplifting our black men and women.  It is mandatory that we show each other the love our ancestors had for each other.  It’s never too late to find a way to your man’s heart.  Give him the peace he deserves.  Remember, we are in this together.

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