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Can I Talk To You?

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One thing I cannot stand is not being able to communicate with someone that I care about.  I should never feel that I have to bite my tongue or walk on eggshells.  If I can’t express my concerns or have a meaningful conversation, then I handle accordingly.  No one should ever feel their significant other views their concerns as irrelevant or unimportant.  When you are in a relationship, communication is essential in learning and understanding one another. Couples that communicate with each other are able to agree or disagree with different points of views but more importantly, understand how he/she really feels.  For some reason, many couples feel more comfortable talking through texting instead of face-to-face simply because it doesn’t force them to face the music and deal with each other on a more intimate level.  Texting doesn’t express the real emotions or meaning behind the conversation.  This can cause miscommunication or misunderstanding depending on how it is interpreted.

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I personally love to talk face-to-face because I can see your facial expression and eyes. You can also see my true emotions and body language.  I have an issue with someone not looking me in my eyes when we are conversing.  It makes me think I cannot trust you and you’re not being completely honest with me.  This also illustrates that you cannot deal with the conversation or situation at hand because it isn’t important to you enough to really engage in the conversation.  I have had a few that could look me dead in the eye and lie to me, but my soul told me differently.  Did I listen to it? No. But I learned a valuable lesson to never ignore the voice inside of me.

I also learned I needed to listen as well.  I used to jump off the deep end and only wanted to view things my way.  I couldn’t understand how someone could do certain things that were not done my way.  But after years of sitting in my mess and taking a long hard look at myself, I had to learn to listen and view things from a different perspective.  It has been many times I reflected back to a situation that I thought wasn’t right and then realized he/she did it their way for a reason.  It had nothing to do with me or my opinion.  I can admit, my friends give it to me straight.  I may not want to hear the truth, but I have to at least listen to what is being said in order to process what is trying to be delivered.  I also learned to listen to my intuition at all times.  Don’t second guess it, ever!!! I am more vocal when my intuitive senses kick in. I used to be afraid to listen to it, but now I utilize them even more now.

It’s not always going to peaches and cream in any relationship.  But with healthy communication, you can overcome any misunderstandings that may arise.  Sometimes you may not agree with each other, but you can always come to a resolution.  It is also wise to listen to your intuition as well.  That voice that you always try to ignore is speaking for a reason.

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