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For the Love of Money

For the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in shade thrown at people who do not wear specific name brand clothes and/or shoes, don’t drive a particular car, and don’t roll with particular groups of people.  Especially when an argument pursues between strangers or friends the first shady statement that comes out of their mouth, “With your broke ass, look at what you got on?”  Followed with, “I got on Gucci bitch, what the fuck you got on with that cheap ass outfit?”.  Hey, don’t think this is just one race of people because it is not.  Nancy loves to talk about how much her man makes working at the firm or her new Porsche she got for her birthday.  If you think I am lying, just look at all the “Housewives” series and they will throw shade every time!!!

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But did it ever cross your mind that doesn’t make you? Did you know you can have all the fancy things in the world and still be miserable and unhappy?  That’s how I view those who criticize people because how they chose to spend their money on things that would benefit their future instead of the crowd.  I take it that you are not a happy and humble character my dear.  Because of the importance of money in so many lives; people are doing just about anything to get their hands on some money just so they can keep up with “the Joneses“.  There are even rich people trying to get out of the bigger holes they dug by being financially irresponsible just to avoid being criticized or removed by their “counterparts” and “social leagues”. Hell, some people even expect to come across money in the near future.  Let’s take a look at how you can come across some money.


The good old trust fund or inheritance can be fascinating.  Having that rich grandparent all your life and knowing that you never had to lift a finger to get your hands on some cash can be just like winning the lottery!!!  Grandma died and left you as the beneficiary. This is your lucky day. But what do I know? People kill family members over this very thing.  I bet he/she can’t wait to buy the town and make everyone feel so much better. Now he/she can get that house on the lake and the Bentley!!! You are going to show them never to sleep on you again!!

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Playing the numbers every day for about $20 (approximately $7,280 a year) can one day get your money back!! The more you spend to win; the more your chances are to becoming a millionaire!! Don’t let your family and friends find out you won because they will come out the woodwork just to get with their favorite cousin!! Everyone will be so happy that you won!! Including you with the extra responsibilities that come along with the winnings!! I hope you don’t forget to pay your taxes and debts before you spend all that hard-earned money!! One last thing, you must remember to set aside some more cash to play your numbers for that next big win.


That “staged” fall in the grocery store just got you a winning lump sum.  All that time you had to stay out of the insurance investigators eyesight was well worth it!! Now you can bet your bottom dollar you will come up with a plot twist to come across another quick scheme for some easy cash.  Hell, you never thought about how you will manage after the next two years when the money is gone.  I guess you will need to get a real job one day or think of someone else to sue next.


With identity theft on the rise, no wonder we have to keep up with our accounts daily.  Those fraudulent checks and phone calls are just the tips of the iceberg. The person who has to get a hold of some money really took the time to come up with a great scheme.  So many lies to remember that no wonder he/she can’t get a true sense of honesty and peace. How about that extra money sitting around at work that no one really pays attention to.  I bet you could pay off a lot of bills.

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I can go on and on with the many ways people will hope and prey on the mighty dollar.  I can also discuss how the power of it can destroy what really matters in life.  To sacrifice your integrity, character, and peace of mind just to please not you, but the people around you is a hell of a way to catch unwarranted attention that either can lead you to unwanted guest, death, or prison time.  Because society has made it such a materialistic and status heavy world, people are doing just about anything to gain the reputation and power of the mighty dollar.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have cash stashed somewhere earning interest and easily accessible for nice things every now and again. I like to splurge from time to time too.  But ask yourself is this really worth it? Am I part of the hype? Maybe so; I just hope it doesn’t cost us at the end.

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