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HAHA!!! They really believe shoes, clothes, and being known in their city is winning.

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Have you ever wondered why so many people feel that having status and wealth consist of wearing name-brand labels, driving the cars that have the highest price tag, exhibiting that wad of cash in that rubber band, and being a street celebrity is so important? When did it become ok to be materialistically wealthy instead of spiritually and financially wealthy?  Don’t get me wrong, wealth CAN bring happiness if utilized correctly, but so can spiritual growth.  When you grow spiritually, you will find comfort in giving selflessly. The real issue is how do you get away from being caught up in the desire to identify with possessions instead of being committed to building character and integrity that builds humility and a legacy for your family?

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When you decide to build your spiritual integrity, you will navigate away from nurturing yourself with things that don’t matter or grow financially to realizing what you actually NEED.  You will soon understand and appreciate that spiritual growth, integrity, humility, and giving is more important than material things. You should not allow material things to corrupt you into thinking that you are rich, fitting in, or on the same level as your “celebrity/role models” (now if you are over the age of 20; it’s time to stop looking at reality-tv stars and celebrities as role models). This is an illusion. If you don’t stay in tune with your spiritual self, you will always allow material things to matter more than your legacy. You will continue to shop and spend money on an abundance of things that do not matter.

Ask yourself, what is important to you? Is it the feeling and enjoyment of possessing those material things or spiritual growth? If you choose materialistic things; you will always feel depleted and depressed. You will always stay stagnated in stress and debt.  You will never be fulfilled because you will always want more. You will soon dig yourself into more financial woes and upsets that you will never get out of. Materialistic things do not go beyond that material. It will not leave a legacy or financial assurance for your family. In fact, it can create a family curse of entitlement, debt, and Go-Fund-me accounts.

If you choose to be at peace spiritually, you’re taking care of not only yourself; but your family as well. There isn’t a need to work really hard for material things if they come on its own. Blessings and spiritual growth bring prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. Trust me I know.  Ask yourself this one question and be honest with yourself… “Am I trying to fulfill a void in my life? I can tell you from personal experience when I wasn’t happy with myself or going thru a bad relationship; I would purchase things to soothe me temporarily. Guess what, it didn’t fix the problem or fill the void permanently. I had to finally face the music and deal with the real issues at hand. I had to become mentally healthy.

Here are some steps to get you on your way to minimize material things and work on your view concerning materialism:

  1. Try to give to others. I am an advocate for selflessness. You do not have to announce to the world that I am giving away things. Just do it!!! When you begin to give on the basis that it will help others in need; you will gradually learn that you didn’t need all that stuff in the first place. Be a blessing to someone else. This will assist with building intangible discipline, emotional control, and a lifestyle.

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  1. Since I stated that materialism is almost always an act of filling a void; replace that uncomfortable void with creating short and long-term goals. I started this blog to assist in giving to others and becoming more transparent to free myself from the issues that were causing me to spend recklessly. In no way am I telling you to do the same, but if you want to take a class; do so. If you want to start traveling; begin saving for that instead of purchasing that fake Louie bag.🤣🤣😂😂 It’s called opportunity cost. This brings me to the next step.

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  1. Begin challenging yourself to save!!!! Try to set a goal you would like to save each month. Increase monthly and began to view this as an investment for your future, family, and/or legacy. If you always wanted to start that business, here’s your chance!!

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  1. YOU ARE NOT YOUR POSSESSIONS!!!! You must realize that you are viewing yourself based on what you own. Change that. Ownership is just that; no more or no less. It doesn’t go any further. Now if you own things that increase in value (real estate, land, stock, life insurance, business, etc.) then it can be passed on to your children. That’s what it means to build a legacy. Stop trying to hold on to relationships and things that are keeping you stagnant. It’s all in your mind; that’s why you are suffering. You will always rob Peter to pay Paul because you won’t create a better plan and mindset.

STOP TRYING TO BE THE CARTERS!!!! You are not them or the Joneses!! Avoid buying into the idealism that your worth is based on how much money, materialistic things you have, or profession. Believe it or not, there are people out there that are living off half of my income and are smarter and enlightened than I could ever be (You do know I am on a teacher’s salary). Stop trying to compete with your imaginary haters. Stop worrying about those immature adults that are always talking about who has the latest Jordan’s, MK bag, and Gucci outfit. You have plans to build for your family

If you simplify your life; things would be so much easier for you. Don’t worry about how others view your dressing game. Hell, I ain’t NEVER owned a piece of clothing that cost me over $40!! You need to become your own advocate. Build your own self up. Stop basing your self-worth on admiration from peers just because you’re rocking nice gear and driving nice cars. Again, I am not telling you that you cannot become a millionaire and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am just saying don’t let those material things define who you are. At the end of the day when your spirit leaves this Earth; YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU!!! When you leave this Earth; how do you want people to remember you?

Just my two-cents 😘

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