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Can I Borrow Your Ears?

I have encountered beautiful souls daily in my lifetime.  It can be for just a few minutes or a lifetime.  Think about it.  The girls you met in the bathroom during a party (by the way those are the best type of  girlfriends to have hahaha), in the line at the grocery store, or sitting beside you on the bus.  If you take the time to be kind to another person; you would be amazed what you could actually learn from them just by rewarding them the opportunity to talk while you listen.

Just this weekend, I met an older and wiser young lady in the Subway line and we begin to have a friendly conversation concerning what subs I thought were good (now I haven’t been in years; but hey for $5, why not).  From then on we begin to talk about her grandchildren. That’s when I realized this conversation was actually a break from her retirement.  She doesn’t usually have her girlfriends that she talk with on a regular basis because they are too busy and her husband said she talks him to death; therefore she goes out sometimes to “catch the outside vibes”. Our conversation turned into a lesson for me that I did not realize until I entered my car.  Sometimes the older and wiser need someone to just listen to them.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes or hours.  They even appreciate that temporary listening ear.  It’s the same thing when we have “the meeting in the lady’s room”.  A group of strange women linking up and begin to form a temporary bond for only one night!!! We even have the best conversations!!! And you learn a thing or two because you decided to exhibit kindness and a listening ear that didn’t jeopardize your character.

I can even relate to when I am out and I don’t know a soul but begin to meet people and all they expected from you was just your time to listen and converse.  From politics, friends, business, and family; I actually gathered some type of information that made me either a little more cautious or wiser.  Think about it, how did you become friends with that fabulous co-worker or best friend? It started with each other listening to one another and having things in common that you learned all from listening to each other!!!

toxic listening

Now depending on your path or growth, what you begin to listen to changes.  I cannot stand most of the music my children listen to.  When I was their age I liked my music LOUD and my parents could not stand the music I played!! But now, my genre has expanded and I love an entirely different sound. I can welcome the new sound appreciation from being around others that introduced me to it.  I literally took a chance to listen and realized I liked it.  I can remember when I was introduced to poetry, instrumentals, and Common!!! OMG, my bestie Steve Clarke got me into that (he doesn’t even know it) when we were at VSU. D’Jamar Perry (he created my logo/picture you see by the way) got me into jazz music and artsy stuff (we were weird). And before you know it, my students are growing accustomed to my classroom music and instrumentals that incorporates poetry without even realizing that I have “kindly” introduced them to something different.  It is so habit-forming, that if I don’t have it on; they literally ask me, “why you’re not playing YOUR music? It’s too quiet”.  Again, someone took the time to engage me in an entirely different genre that actually calms my soul.  So in return, I have introduced a sound that calms their storms/souls unexpectedly.

You want to keep the loud noise /talk out of your ears and your space when you start a spiritual journey.  You don’t want to listen freely to negative talk about anything or anyone. You only want to hear things that will keep you focused and growing in a positive light.  Now you’re not going to be serious all the time so it’s okay to listen to humorous stories that will make you laugh (I keep those on hand daily).  You don’t want to listen to the “naysayers” or “doubters” that may cast away at your dreams and aspirations. Your ears only need to stay clean!!!! You don’t want any distractions of what you plan to do within your lifetime to become deafening. You want to be able to hear clearly what you are supposed to do and where you need to be.  This is your purpose.

That brings me to the name of my blog (by the way it was suggested by a close friend of mine, Anthony, while I was throwing out names).  He suggested, “Gray Hairs & Late Nights”.  I picked up on it immediately.  When I heard him say that, instantly I knew that “gray hair” represented not only wisdom but stress; and “late nights” represented “sleepless nights due to either stress or hard work.  I actually listened to someone else’s positive vibes and look at me now.  What I never thought or planned to occur in my life such as writing a blog, being transparent, or even attempting to become a writer; started from a little nudge from someone who lent me their ear.  Always remember, I will always hear you; if it is worth listening to.

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