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Give Him Something He Can Feel


Ladies, I know we may complain about our men, but there are some good ones sprinkled around.  I’m waiting on Mr. Right to come scoop me up!!! I am ready to spoil my Mr. Right the same way he spoils me. I have come too far now to give up on him haha!!! My great male counterparts gave me a few tidbits they would like to see their woman exhibit towards them.  They also stated that most of the time, the woman they are gravitated to and creating a long-lasting relationship is considered to be wife material. Sometimes we don’t appreciate him or show him how wonderful he is to us.  That’s when we need to get back to what our grandmother used to tell us.

  1. Respect him. It takes nothing to be kind to him, let alone respecting him as a man.  Treat him the way you would want to be treated.  Even when there is a disagreement, you should respect him ALWAYS!!!

  2. Cook for your man. Yes, honey, you need to cook him a nice meal from time to time. If you aren’t a cook/ take the time to learn his favorite dish and prepare it.  If his mother/grandmother dinner is something he enjoys, take the initiative to learn with his mother/grandmother. Sometimes, they just want to come home to a nice home-cooked meal. Hell, if you are that bad of a cook; then you need to go ahead and ask his mother/grandmother to cook it for you. Take a cooking class together.

  3. Clean the house. Believe it or not, some men do not like an untidy home. I’m not saying you should have sparkles coming from the table-top and windows, but you should have dishes put away, nothing on the floors, and clothes away.  No one wants to come into a home filled with clutter and disarray.  He’s been at work all day, why not give him a peaceful space.

  4. Allow him some time to breathe. Men want to come home to peace and quiet sometimes.  Give him some time to take off his clothes and relax.  Allow him to watch his favorite show with a beer or two before you begin to nag him hahaha!!!

  5. Compliment him!!!! I can’t say this enough.  A man loves to get his ego rubbed by the woman he loves.  Instead of constantly telling him what he isn’t doing; reward him for all the good things that he does.  No matter how macho your man is; he loves it when his woman brags or speaks highly of him. Hell, tell him in his face with that sexy look how wonderful of a man he is!!!

  6. Be the nurturer he loves. Sometimes cater to your man.  Fix his plate before yours and the children (should do that always).  Allow him to express himself without judgment. Be his biggest fan. Be affectionate and loving towards him.  Let him know that it is okay when he gets home. Kiss him damn it!!!

  7. Give him space. If you have a good man, you should trust him.  He needs time to enjoy his hobbies and friends. If he wants to go to the football game with the boys; let him. Give him some time to miss you.  I promise you it will be well worth it when he returns.

  8. Allow him to be a man. I can’t stress this enough.  If your man is a great provider and works hard; allow him to be head of his household.  He may not have it all right sometimes, but give him the freedom to try it his way first.

  9. Don’t hold out on sex. Please don’t play those games because you won’t win.  Make time for him.  Change up from time to time and become spontaneous and creative.  If you are tired all the time; I suggest you take vitamins!!! Have date nights or just a night with you and him away from everyone at least once a month to enjoy one another again. Do not create situations that will cause him to sway in another direction. I know it sounds cruel, but it is the truth.

  10. Be sexy sometimes. No that does not mean to put on a plethora of makeup or purchasing a bunch of lingerie.  Whatever turns your man on, be that woman.  If he loves your natural beauty, take the makeup off.  If he loves you in his t-shirts at night, wear it.  Take the hair bonnet off sometimes hahaha!! Believe it or not, many men find so many things sexy that we complain about. From stretch marks on the hips to that little belly fat, they do not feel it is that big of a deal.  You know your man; listen to him.

  11. Don’t nag him!!!! That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.

I can honestly admit that I’ve had the pleasure of running across great men who have demonstrated what a gentleman is supposed to represent.  I also know that not all men are worth sharing these great suggestions with.  Just like there are women out there that are looking for someone to take care of them without coming to the table with anything; there are men doing the exact same thing. Like Kenny Roger’s said,  “Know when to fold them”. We are too old to be playing house and taking care of someone who isn’t going to be your soul mate and/or husband. If he doesn’t appreciate these gestures; then maybe he may not be THE ONE. Think about it.  If you have a great spouse/partner/soul mate then treat him accordingly.

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