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No One Owes You Shit!!!

I saw a posting earlier this week on one of my Facebook friends concerning the topic, “You’re Not Entitled To Shit!!!” and it struck a nerve. But not in a bad way.  A matter of fact, it made me listen to it and concur with what was said.  Going thru the comments, there were some adults that made excuses or disagreed. It either related to their child or personal situation. Of course, no one wanted to hear the truth concerning how they are suffering from entitlement syndrome. No one wanted to hear how the lack of entitlement actually keeps you grounded and humbled because you are conditioned to appreciate what you have or worked hard for instead of always getting everything you feel you are owed or entitled to.

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We have many adults who suffer from a sense of entitlement. These grown-ups feel that they do not have to deal with struggles without expecting people to constantly give them money or assistance every time they fall on hard times. It is as if some are accustomed to constantly asking people to give/loan them money when they continuously choose to make bad financial decisions.  Especially when you have the audacity to have grown able-body women and/or men living with you.  It has gotten so out of hand that many who are struggling willingly refuse to either work somewhere to compensate for the loss and/or require the adults in their homes to get off their behinds and work!!  They would rather take from family and friends before they make their loved one go out there and earn their keep. Some would even move in with a friend or family and not pay their monthly rent because in their eyes, “they aren’t there all the time anyway”. Question, what apartment complex allows you to pay less rent than was agreed upon without a credit check because you aren’t always home? Nowhere!!! So why not pay your bill instead of feeling entitled to take money from the person who is helping you have a roof over your head?

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How about the people who take money that was intended as a loan? And don’t you dare ask for the money you loaned back.  You are the worse person in the world to actually ask them for the loan payment!!! You know why? Because in reality, they never had the intentions of giving it back to you. These particular adults look at other people’s pockets and expect that you should give them money because you are doing great for yourself (or not)!! And if you are sleeping with them and gave them a loan, they are definitely going to prolong payment or not give it back because of who they are hahaha!!! But in reality, the richest woman/man in the world doesn’t owe you shit!! If they don’t want to give you anything; they don’t have to.  That includes families and friends. Hell, if your momma wins the mega-million she doesn’t have to give it to you because she’s your mom. And if your mom becomes a cougar after she retires and gets her groove back; she doesn’t have to leave you one red dime of her social security, pension, or life insurance if she doesn’t want to.  Is it fair; maybe not, but you’re not entitled to it.

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And let’s not forget school is almost around the corner for many of our children.  Instead of focusing on getting the latest cellphone, Jordans, games, and name brand gear; how about rack up on the infamous school supplies that are on sale right now for 1 cent, 25 cents, and 50 cents!!! Some parents feel that school supplies should be purchased by the teachers.  Some even know that they don’t have to buy it because someone will give it to their child. If you know your little Johnny is a hellion and/or always making D’s and F’s, skipping school, and disrespectful, why are you even worried about making him the fliest cat in the school? Is that all you see in your child? Do you think education and/or working towards something is of less value in the long run as your child thinks it is too? Nothing is cute about a well-dressed dumb ass. You’re only enabling your kid into thinking he/she doesn’t have to do shit but look good in life with materialistic things that have no value what-so-ever.

What examples are you setting for your children when you as an adult aren’t mature enough to understand the concept, “No one owes you shit?”  What examples do you set for your child(ren) when you constantly ask teachers and administrators to pass your child along or give him make-up work or extra credit when he/she is a child who skips class and/or doesn’t perform? Why call and fuss with coaches or teachers when your child doesn’t perform to a standard that illustrates effort? No one cares you have a bad leg that numbs up from time to time.  No one cares that you don’t have daycare for the siblings at home; therefore Maria is absent from school because you won’t find an adult to watch your children. Does that make you entitled to special treatment? Does that give you the right to keep your child(ren) from being pushed to perform beyond what society state is excellent? No!!!!

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There are 30 to 50-year-olds out here driving their significant other or parent’s vehicles because they refuse to go out here and build credit on their own because they feel they are entitled to it. We also have some parents that illustrate to their children that material things are more important than earning what you want, working hard to reach your success, or educating yourself with some type of vocational trade or schooling that will enhance your performance in life. Most of the time they either didn’t want their child to “suffer” like they did (by the way, we really didn’t suffer; we just didn’t appreciate the tough love at the time) or was the exact same type of child their own flesh and blood is.

I remember when you would not dare ask an adult for anything when you went over their house, school, and/or functions.  You could not ask for food, money, or candy because you had it at home or was required to ask a parent first.  Nowadays, children as well as adults, don’t mind asking you for all of that and still have some at home!!! It burns me up when children boldly ask adults and/strangers for money or some of their food when they have their own money!!! If you say “No” to that child, society, and even their own parents, view that as a sin and disrespectful.  But in reality, it’s not. No one owes you shit!!! Get up and get your own!! We have so many rallies that give donations to needy families, but in hindsight; many of those who come and take the free stuff don’t appreciate it or utilize the opportunity to do better when it is given because in their eyes; you are supposed to give it to them. If the clothes and/or shoes aren’t the style they like; they will not take it because it’s not up to their standards. But my question is, why aren’t you appreciative with what you are given when you don’t have it or unable to afford it in the first place?

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I know it sounds harsh, but it is the truth.  If you are out here expecting people to feel sorry for you when you have continuously made bad decisions concerning your home, life, health, education, employment and/or financial situation; then you will never get out of the rut you are in.  If you do not utilize the stresses of life as a lesson to get up and do better for yourself and/or your family; then you are the problem. No one has to give you a job; but you can become an entrepreneur by cutting grass, washing cars, babysitting, etc.  No one has to invest in your business, but you can work several jobs and save your money and build your credit so you can purchase a business loan.  No one has to continuously pay your bills, but you best believe you can work extra shifts, cut out some entertainment, and build your savings.  No one has to continuously give you a place to live, but you definitely can downsize, sell some material things, and get your own place.  Just my thoughts.

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