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WANTED: Sugar Babies Looking For A Sugar Momma


Ladies this is a PSA announcement. It is an epidemic going on!!! There are too many guys looking for women to take care of them!!! Ladies, I hate to tell you this but there are a plethora of guys out here trying to get women who have a home, vehicle, money, and a great job.  Not because they have equal, but because they want a piece of the pie.  The 2000’s created the new age gold diggers!!! Instead of women trying to scoop up a man who will provide for them; guys are out here bragging about the women they are trying to snatch up because of her benefits package!!! It doesn’t matter if you are a MILF or a young girl who has her own; no one woman is immune.

There are single guys out here that expect women to pay for things (they are not going to tell you this straight out by the way) that most gentlemen would not expect a woman to do.  Again, let me make it clear that I am not talking about a man who has a stable paying career that supports himself, family, and his child(ren). I am talking about the guys who expect you to pick them up because they don’t have a vehicle because he never had to get his own. The guys who love when their women take them out on trips and vacations because they never saved any funds to even consider taking a vacation with his significant other.  The guys who still live at home with his parent(s) and refuse to get their own simply because it is convenient, cheaper, and no responsibilities.  The guy that loves to spend the night at your house all of the time or get a hotel room because he doesn’t have a stable home.  The guy who drives a nice vehicle but can’t get his own finances in order.  Or the infamous guy who wants you to buy him dinner and drinks at the bar or pay for the date. Yea, I am talking about that guy.

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You see because we wanted to be equal and show the men that we have got them and we are a “ride or die chick”, they have become accustomed to doing very little in growing up and becoming a man.  They have been spoiled into an entitlement by so many women who didn’t mind throwing a little cash their way because their guy shows them a little attention.  It’s all a game.   I should know because I used to be that chick who wanted so badly to show my dudes that I got their back no matter what.  Hell, I might have bailed out a couple from foolish situations just to show him that “I got him”.  But in reality, this hindered them from becoming a responsible gentleman.

This created a cycle that we see too often within the younger generation of boys and girls that witness their mother allowing her boyfriend/husband to live in her home without attempting to be the man of the house because he refuses to get a stable full-time job.  Imagine watching your mother cook for her man or allowing him to drive her car and he doesn’t really contribute to the household.  This illustrated to the younger generation that it is okay to take care of your man financially.  Here’s another visual for your ass.  Imagine a son /daughter witnessing his/her own father not doing much with his life but always had the finer things because his women purchased things for him or treated him like a prostitute? What type of example does this set?

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I can definitely say it isn’t their fault at all but OURS!!!!  Women need to stop buying men!!! Yeah, I know you don’t like the way it sounds but that is exactly what you’re doing.  You are trying to show the wrong type of guy that you are Ms. Independent and got your own. You have to be very selective with who you invest in.  If he isn’t equally on your level; then you should not be taking him out on dates, paying for drinks, allowing him to drive your car, treating him like royalty when he ain’t got a leg to stand on.  He will never grow into the man he needs to become if you continue to “hold him down”.  Whoever came up with that bullshit needs to get shot. And the sad thing is… He AIN’T EVEN YOUR HUSBAND!! But you best believe he will propose to you just to get the benefits. And…. he will become your husband!!! hahaha!!!

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Signs you have a sugar baby on your hands:

  1. You find yourself paying for dates most of the time

  2. You are buying him clothes, shoes, and jewelry too many times

  3. You’re always treating or going dutch most of the time

  4. He is staying at your house or hotel most of the time

  5. You are paying for most or all of the vacation/trips

  6. He loves for you to pick him up or drive your car

  7. He doesn’t really work or have a career in place

  8. He takes shit out your house without permission hahaha!!

  9. He asked for money or borrows money and doesn’t give it back

  10. You’re giving him spending money like one of your children

  11. It just feels like you are raising a child

  12. He talks about other guys/friends who mess with women they think has good bank accounts/jobs and his friend is doing the bare minimum too.

This takes me to this last thing, if we continue to allow this foolery we will begin seeing more and more men out here filing for spousal support.  You will see more men become house husbands.  You will see more men becoming dependents instead of providers.  You will see more men becoming entitled sugar babies. That man will not have the opportunity to become great in his own way because you didn’t allow him to get himself out of financial woes and actually work on his career goals.  A man can’t become a man if we continue to purchase them on credit.

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