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It’s My Time To Shine!!

It is my time to shine and I know it!!  Ain’t nothing wrong with having a little confidence from time to time. Hell, I have been thru so many phases in life that confidence has come to me not only spiritually but mentally as well.  An abundance of positive changes is on its way!! The way that I doubted things before is no longer in existence.  And if it doesn’t happen; I am okay with it because it wasn’t quite my time.  It’s as if I was being tested to make sure that I wouldn’t backslide or make any sudden moves that would risk the joy that I am currently blessed with.  Have you reached this point yet?

You see, we all have gone thru things in life that broke us down.  We all thought at that time that we would never get over the hurt, betrayal, disappointment, and/or setbacks. But we made it!!!  It is all part of something wonderful ahead.  Don’t get me wrong, I had breakdowns and tears along the way (still do!!) and you will too.  It will all be worth it because it is part of your soul cleansing and transformation.  To actually be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel is what you always wanted. It’s all part of living and learning that creates your purpose in life.

I truly believe that we all have to take some sort of risk in life for the betterment of our spiritual and personal growth.  Once you have taken time to reflect, release, and reform it is only a matter of time that you will be guided to what you truly deserve.  Remember, I already told you all about my bad choices, relationships, mental health, and parenting skills. I felt that being transparent and honest about myself would cleanse my soul and mind; therefore giving it room for what is about to come my way.

I would like to give you some food for thought.  All the bad things that we go thru are actually positive lessons that assist us with growing mentally and spiritually.  Without them, we would stay stagnated in places that weren’t meant for us.  We wouldn’t make the conscious decision to make better choices and changes in our life.  It is all a process that is needed to take you to where you truly belong.  It is also necessary for making you a true believer in the “highest”.  

I am more at peace now and taking chances concerning my love life, friendships, career, and most importantly me.  I am no longer afraid to try new things, rejection, disappointments, or bumps in the road.  I am open to love again, growing professionally, and building a legacy for my children so they won’t have to worry about their future.  I truly DO NOT CARE about what people think about me.  If you ain’t part of my circle; then it doesn’t matter.  I will continue to treat people how I want to be treated even if it may cost me.  Hell, it’s their lose hahaha!!!  I will continue to enjoy this reward of fresh air and peace of mind with this big smile on my face. Much love and happiness to all!!!

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