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Oooh Nooo, Not My Child!!!

Apparently, there are some parents that seem to turn a blind eye to how their children act out in public.  It is always the teachers, authority, adults, other children’s fault for why their children seem to be disrespectful, defiant, nasty, rude, or just plain mean towards others.  Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe little Susan is a “She-devil”?  Maybe little Harry is high and on drugs!! Does it ever cross your mind that maybe everyone isn’t lying about your child? Geesh!!

As an educator, it just amazes me the number of parents that will go to bat with their disrespectful and unruly child.  Instead of discussing the root of the problem such as cursing out an adult, putting their hands on an adult, or being downright defiant; the first sentence that crosses their lips is, “Well what did you do to provoke my child?” What the hell?!!!  When has it become okay for a child to blatantly disrespect their elders for any reason?

And let’s not talk about little Buck hustling out in the streets posting guns and smoking weed all over social media; or how about little Timmy who hates the world and is ready to harm everyone he hates? How on Earth did his parents NOT see his public social media page he had up since he was twelve years old? Just the content alone would make a grown-up cringe.  We all know the end story that happens to him but the parents continue to be in the news avoiding the fact that he was involved in criminal activity that got him in the position he is in!!!

  1. Stop making excuses for your children when they do wrong.  When you do that, you create a cycle that your children will continue to follow and grow up becoming pure assholes and hellions. And please don’t be surprised when they get what they deserve by being that child you made excuses for.  Remember when we were young and you thought you were going to step into an adult face or disrespect them; that adult smacked the shit out of you hahaha!!! You learned real quick to watch your mouth and your hands. It didn’t matter who the adult was.  That was a NO-NO!! And when the adult went and told your parents what you did, your ass got smacked again for being disrespectful.  Not once did my parents question the adult or make an excuse for me.

  2. Teach your child some respect and manners!!! Damn, the way this generation has changed because of simple lessons such as respect, manners, and assistance is sad.  There should be many more children out here with simple respect and manners than it is.  They should not be known as having an ill repute.  It’s bad enough that customer service at the retail and restaurants has declined because of the actual persons holding the positions nonchalant and disrespectful disposition; but can we get a little assistance from parents, please?  If the majority has stated how your child is rude and disrespectful; 9.9 out of 10 it is true.  Hell, I knew my daughter didn’t speak when she came into the house or if she didn’t know the person.  I had to discuss with her about being rude and disrespectful towards adults.

  3. Stop using the statement, “My child isn’t like that and he/she sure wasn’t raised that way”. Sorry honey bunny but if you have witnessed behavior concerning your child acting in a manner that is a continuous pattern, then sweetie your child has a problem.  Think about when you were young and you did things that your parents would not approve of if they really knew the truth.  Sometimes take the time to check your children’s room, social media, cell phone, and social circle.  You will learn your child if you didn’t know.  Grownups do NOT have a reason to lie on your precious gem.  Also, take into account that the grownups are putting it lightly on how your child really behaved.

  4. Stop turning a blind eye to when your children are doing wrong. Sometimes as parents we just don’t want to admit when our sweet angel isn’t angelic.  Get over it and face the music.  We know our children for real.  We also know some of the characteristics and personalities our children may have at home.  You’ve seen the signs, disrespect, and defiance yourself.  You’ve seen how your child explodes at home. You’ve encountered the disrespect and nastiness. You know you have a little liar and/or thief on your hands. You definitely have paid attention to the group of kids they associate with.  If your child is always involved in mischief or negative behavior, you know the truth.

mean girls

Don’t feel alone in this.  Heck, I want my children to be the “best” kids like the Huxtables but that is far from the truth. O, I forgot, their children also participated in mischief too. I know for a fact that my son is spoiled, sarcastic, hard-headed, and lazy.  I also know my daughter is anti-social, doesn’t speak to the masses, and have been in things that she had to learn from.  I will NEVER question the masses when it comes to my children because I deeply know what they are capable of participating in or doing. Yes, I was shocked at some of the activities, but I honestly knew the truth and had to face the music after several occurrences. Whether it is mental issues, drugs, violence, illegal activity, abuse, anger, fighting, or just a plain follower/leader of trouble, YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD!!!

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